How Much Do Amazon Parrots Cost?

A guide to finding out how much Amazon parrots cost. You’ll learn about the factors that affect price and find out what you can expect to pay for a pet Amazon parrot.


Amazon parrots are some of the most popular pets around. With their beautiful feathers and vibrant personalities, they’re sure to bring years of joy to any home. But how much does it cost to own an Amazon parrot? In this article, we’ll explore the costs associated with owning one of these beloved birds. We’ll discuss factors like the initial purchase price, ongoing care, and more to help you get an idea of how much you can expect to pay.

Overview of Amazon parrots

Amazon parrots are social, intelligent birds native to the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. With a wide variety of species, colors and personalities, Amazon parrots can make wonderful and engaging pets. While there is no set price for one of these birds, research is key when making such a major purchase.

Amazon parrot prices can depend on many factors such as age, sex, geographical availability and popularity. A young hand-fed bird from a reputable dealer will normally cost more than an adult from other sources. Also, prices may vary according to species; some are rarer or more challenging to raise than others. Reputable breeders typically offer comprehensive packages that include the bird itself plus proper food supplies throughout its lifetime.

Amazon parrots usually reside in a happy home for many years; however, these birds require commitment and specialized care to remain contented companions or breeding partners. While costs may vary widely according to circumstance, it is important to recognize the real cost of caring for an Amazon parrot before getting one — both in terms of money and time invested — as this will help you better prepare for your new feathered family member!

Cost Factors

The cost of an Amazon parrot can vary greatly depending on a few key factors. First, the breed and size of the parrot can greatly affect the cost, with smaller parrots usually being more affordable than larger ones. Other factors include the availability, age, gender and health of the parrot. Let’s dive into these factors and figure out what they mean when it comes to Amazon parrot prices.


The cost of an Amazon parrot largely depends on its species. Some of the most popular and easily obtained Amazon parrots include the Blue-Fronted Amazon, the Lilian’s Amazon, the Yellow Naped Amazon, and the Mealy Amazon. All of these birds can range in price depending on where they are being offered and their size, but generally range between $500 – $1500.

For more rare varieties such as the Scarlet Macaw and Hyacinth Macaw, prices can reach thousands – even tens of thousands – due to their rarity and popularity. Additionally, prices may be affected by a bird’s age (young birds tend to cost less since they require additional taming work) or sex (some species such as Yellow Naped Amazons come with a higher price tag if they are male).

Overall, it is important to research any special characteristics associated with a certain species before making a purchase. Doing so can help ensure that you are buying not only an appropriate companion for you but also one within your budget.


The age of the Amazon parrot you are considering is one of the most important considerations when it comes to cost. Generally speaking, the younger parrots tend to be more expensive due to their novelty and relative lack of experience in navigating social interactions with humans.

Many beginner parrot owners opt to purchase an older nester or various retired shows birds that are available for adoption, as these birds may offer a better price point than their younger counterparts. Prices for an adult, hand-raised Amazon can range from about $500-$2,500 for pet quality birds and up to $10,000 for show quality parrots. Additional costs include a cage size of at least 24” x 24”, adequate toys/accessories, proper nutrition, and vet checkup fees.


One of the major cost factors for Amazon parrots is the size of the bird. As Amazon parrots come in different sizes, some species can be more affordable than others. Smaller Amazons such as lorikeets, magpie larks and black-hooded parakeets can cost anywhere from $100 – $500. Medium sized Amazons like jardines and duskyheaded parakeets typically range from $600 – $1000, while large-sized Amazons like blue-fronted Amazons and yellow-headed Amazons can cost upwards of $1300 – $2500. Of course, prices may vary based on individual bird’s age, condition and temperament. A smaller bird will also require a smaller cage than a larger one, which could potentially be a further cost factor.


When considering how much to spend on an Amazon parrot, the health of the bird should be a major factor in your decision-making. Unfortunately, some Amazon parrots may carry health issues that you may need to address. Generally speaking, birds who have been raised in captivity and given regular veterinary care tend to be healthier than birds who are wild-caught or improperly handled. Purchasing a bird from a reputable breeder ensures that you’re getting a healthy specimen.

At the very least, newly purchased parrots should receive an initial health check from an avian veterinarian to ensure that they are free of major infections or diseases and are eating a nutritionally balanced diet. The cost for such exams can range from $50-$150 depending on the vet and how extensive the exam is. Some breeders may include lifetime veterinary care as part of their selling price — ask them upfront if this is something they provide.

In addition, having access to popular vitamin and mineral supplements such as calcium can help both you and your vet keep your bird healthy long-term at an additional cost ranging from $10-$30 per bottle depending on type and size of supplement purchased.


The location from which you obtain your pet parrot is a key factor in determining the overall cost. Parrots are much more expensive when purchased from pet stores than when sourced directly from breeders. Breeders typically have lower overhead costs and pass those savings onto the customer. Prices also vary depending on the bird’s age and rarity of the species, with newly hatched parrots often being less expensive than full grown birds due to their decreased value without being able to talk or interact with people. Additionally, avian veterinarians may charge more in certain regions than others due to the increased costs of running a business in that area. Shipping fees can also have an impact on pricing as transporting a live animal incurs additional expenses, but online options such as grooming services and pet store websites may be less expensive depending on where you buy them from.

Average Cost

Amazon parrots can be a great companion, but how much would it cost to get one? The cost for an Amazon parrot can vary depending on the species and the age of the bird. On average, Amazon parrots can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000. However, some species can cost more or less depending on their rarity. In this section, we’ll look at the average cost of Amazon parrots and what factors can influence the price.

Budget-friendly parrots

Not everyone can afford to pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for a pet parrot. Fortunately, there are several species of parrots that can fit into anyone’s budget and still provide many years of enjoyment and companionship.

Budgies: Budgerigars, commonly known as budgies or parakeets, are one of the most popular types of pet parrots. On average, the cost for a single budgie ranges from $20 to $50. This includes living cages and food dishes; however, you will have to purchase extra toys and supplies separately.

Cockatiels: Cockatiels also make great budget-friendly pets as they are less expensive than larger birds such as macaws. Cockatiels usually range from $60 to $100 on average; however, this does not include supplies like toys and food dishes so plan for additional expenditure.

Conures: Conures can come in several different varieties including the Sun Conure, Green Cheek Conure and the Nanday conure but all are equally delightful companions. The average cost is usually around $150 depending on the type of bird; however there may be additional costs when purchasing toys or supplies separately.

Dove: Mourning doves are one of the most affordable pet birds out there with prices ranging anywhere between $30 -$50 each; however they will require some special care such as frequent misting every few days to ensure proper humidity levels inside their cages as well as providing an adequate diet including leafy greens or pellets . Make sure to buy extra bowls and toys when purchasing one of these charming birds!

Mid-range parrots

Mid-range parrots include conures, Meyer’s Macaws and some smaller Amazon species like the Yellow-Headed Amazon, Blue Front Amazon, Red-Lored Amazon and Double Yellow Headed Amazon. They range in cost from $800 to $1,500. While they are less expensive than larger parrots, larger cages and more frequent vet visits are often required. Plus they can be just as loud as their larger counterparts!

High-end parrots

High-end parrots often cost thousands of dollars, depending on their age, rarity, and type. Some of the most expensive Amazon Parrots are Macaws, which can range from $2,000 to more than $5,000. Other parrot varieties such as smaller Cockatoos and Quakers can cost up to $2,000. Additionally, purchase price isn’t the only factor to consider when budgeting – other expenses like a suitable habitat or travel cage (minimum expense of $500), veterinarian care ($250-500 initially), as well as bird food, toys and ongoing veterinary care should be taken into account in addition to the actual cost of purchase.

Additional Costs

When looking into buying an Amazon Parrot, there are many considerations to take into account. Most people are aware of the upfront cost of the bird, but there are additional costs associated with owning a parrot that must be taken into consideration. These costs include regular vet visits, food, cages, toys and accessories. Let’s take a look at the costs associated with owning an Amazon parrot.


When you buy an Amazon parrot, the cost of a cage should factor into your budget. In order to provide your bird with a safe and comfortable place to live, you will need to purchase an appropriately sized cage that offers adequate space for your pet’s needs. The minimum size recommended for a single bird is 24″x24″x36″. When purchasing a cage also take into account the types of toys and accessories your parrot likes that will fit in the cage before buying.

Cages can vary in price depending on several factors such as size, design and materials used. Large, wrought iron cages made from strong metals are usually the most expensive, yet can provide durability and longevity for many years. Wooden cages, cheaper than metal ones, offer great alternative options though their strength may be less durable over time if not maintained properly. High-quality plastic or acrylic cages are typically lighter and easier to move around but may not last as long as metal cages do.

Cage prices can range from up to hundreds of dollars for higher end enclosures down to about one hundred dollars for simpler modelsMade with basic material like PVC pipes framed with mesh – these are great budget-friendly options that provide satisfactory space at more affordable prices. No matter what kind of cage you get, it is important to make sure there is adequate room inside so that your bird has plenty of free movement while inside their enclosure!


Food should be an important part of any Amazon parrot’s diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables should make up the bulk of their meal plan, supplemented with healthy grains, proteins, and fats. Fresh water must be available at all times, as well as a variety of fun treats like pelleted feed, millet sprays, nuts, and seeds. It is also important to ensure that your parrot gets adequate calcium in their diet; this can be provided through food such as fresh cooked beans or fresh cut green vegetables. Additional supplements may also be necessary to provide other vital minerals and vitamins for optimal health. Additionally, you should consider the cost of bird-safe toys to help keep your pet active and engaged throughout the day.


In addition to the cost of the Amazon parrot, there are several other important costs associated with parrot ownership. One of the most critical of these is the cost of toys. Parrots are extremely intelligent and need a variety of safe and stimulating activities to keep them mentally healthy. Toys provide such stimulation and can help keep your parrot from becoming bored or destructive.

Good quality toys for Amazon parrots cost anywhere from a few dollars each up to hundreds of dollars, depending on their size and complexity. A good rule of thumb for toy selection is to introduce a variety at first, then observe which type your bird prefers before investing in more expensive items. Common types of toys used by Amazon parrots include leather strips, wood blocks and ladders, swinging toys, hanging chains, bells and even mirrors. In addition to these items, you may also want to invest in shredding activities that ensure birds stay mentally stimulated while engaging in the natural behavior they’d exhibit in their native environment – chewing wood products!

Veterinary care

In addition to purchasing an Amazon parrot and a suitable habitat, potential owners should also consider veterinary care costs. A comprehensive health check by an avian veterinarian is recommended after a bird is acquired to ensure there are no unseen health issues. Furthermore, yearly check-ups are suggested for all Amazon parrots as well as regular tests for Psittacosis/Chlamydiosis and other blood diseases which could appear later in the bird’s life. Vaccines may be recommended depending on the individual bird’s risk factors for certain conditions.

Veterinary procedures, such as DNA sexing or surgical operations can range in cost from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on the procedure and clinic location. Emergency check-ups or overnight stays can be costly if they are needed, so it’s a good idea to consider pet insurance when you own an Amazon parrot. Many companies offer specialized pet insurance plans that cover birds. You may also want to add a stomach tremble monitor when your bird is young, as this will alert you (along with your veterinarian) of any changes in your bird’s health with potential risks of illness or injury being detected at early stages of development.

Tips for Saving Money

Amazon Parrots can be a great addition to your home, but they can be expensive. Purchasing an Amazon Parrot can be a significant investment, so it’s important to be aware of the costs involved and to make sure you’re getting a good deal. In this section, we’ll go over some tips on how to save money when buying an Amazon parrot.

Adopt from a rescue

Adopting from a rescue or sanctuary is a great way to save money and give love to an animal in need. Animal rescue organizations and wildlife sanctuaries often specialize in Amazon parrots, so contact them to discuss adopting one. You’ll likely pay an adoption fee based on the age, health, and temperament of the bird. It could range from $50-$400 depending on those factors.

Another benefit of adoption is that the parrot will already be accustomed to humans which makes it much easier for you right away! And if you adopt an older bird, you may already get a sense of its personality, which can save time in determining whether they’re the right match for your lifestyle.

When inquiring about adoption, ask questions such as: How old is the bird? What are his/her eating habits? What type of environment does the parrot prefer? Have any medical issues been addressed? This information can help you make an informed decision about how much work there will be in caring for your new feathered friend.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the easiest ways to save money when purchasing Amazon parrots. Bulk purchases can decrease the cost per bird significantly, especially when buying from a breeder or directly from a pet store. However, there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. First, it is important to make sure that you have space for multiple birds to be housed safely and comfortably. Secondly, additional birds may substantially increase food and cage costs. It is important to balance the cost of the birds with their future care in order to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money. Additionally, make sure that your vet is comfortable with examinations and treatments for multiple parrots at once if needed. Having an experienced vet who knows how to treat these exotic birds will help ensure they get proper care over time and will decrease health-related costs over the lifetime of ownership.

Buy used items

When you’re researching what type of Amazon parrot you will be buying, consider the option of buying used items. You can often find a variety of used parrot-related products that are in good condition and perfectly suitable for your needs. This can include things such as cages, feeders, play stands and other accessories. Some owners may also be willing to sell their entire setup or bird for a discounted price.

Buying used items online through websites such as eBay is a great way to save money, however it’s important to remember that online sellers may not always be honest about the condition of the item. Be sure to ask for photos and detailed descriptions before making any purchases, and inspect them thoroughly upon arrival. Buying from local classified ads is another great option, as sellers are typically more open to face-to-face meetings so you can see precisely what you’re getting before handing over your money.


In conclusion, the cost of Amazon Parrots can vary greatly depending on their species, rarity, and size. On average, small parrots such as green cheeks or sun conures can cost between $200-$600 while larger parrots such as yellow napped Amazons or blue fronted Amazons may range in price from $1000-$2500. Prices may also be affected by factors such as the bird’s age and quality of health. Before making the decision to purchase an Amazon Parrot, it is important to consider all these factors to ensure one obtains an healthy companion for a reasonable price. Additionally, prices for purchasing an Amazon Parrot include not only for the bird itself but potentially also any needed enclosure and accessories required for its care and comfort.

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