How Long Do Parrots Live?

Parrots are the oldest birds to keep as pet From the Roman and Egyptian era Due to their social and Intelligent nature parrots always attracts Humans. Parrots Have Hundreds of Different species from small to large size all over the world and live for a long time if Maintain and given the right environment.

This question arises in the mind of every Parrot owner how long do parrots live? It depends on Different Factors like Diet Health Size species, illness, And Environment Some time they outlive their owners.


Diet and nutrition is very Important Factor for a Longer Lifespan Of A parrot. Parrots eat a Different range and kinds of food to be healthy from seeds, fruits, and vegetables a well-balanced diet is very crucial for the longer lifespan of a parrot pet, and a diet containing seeds only is not enough. In the wild enough food availability is a must for parrots to live long.


Parrots are very social and Intelligent Birds, in wild, they spend time the flocks fly and forage through the fields. In captivity, their Behavior is changed a Mentally Disturbed Bird is screaming, bite lose their apatite and die Potentially. So owners must research and learn how to help their parrot Thrive.


Parrots are not like other Birds in General Rule A smaller Parrot has a Shorter lifespan than larger ones. A budgie only lives 5 to 8 years and Amazon parrots can live to almost a hundred years.


The lifespan of parrots varies from species to species. There are hundreds of species and subspecies of parrots all across the world some live for a few years and some often outlive Humans.


It’s very important for the Owner to ask the origin of the Parrot where they lived before if they bred in a good environment.


For the Good Health Of a PET Parrot, an annual veterinary check is vital. Sometimes parrots catch some human Illnesses like flu and cold so stay away from your parrot when you feel these conditions. most parrot illnesses are not very serious.


It’s Also very important For A parrot that they have plenty of space in their cage with ladders and toys where they climb exercise And Thrive. A Properly Cleaned cage is a must for the good health of a parrot.

Why Do Parrots Live So Long?

Parrots have fewer predators as compared to other animals because they fly most of the time and also there is no predator in captivity. Parrots also have a longer lifespan due to their body temperature metabolic rate high resting glucose level and ability to fly most of the animals lack these capabilities.

Do Parrots live for 100 Years?

The longest living species of parrots are macaws and cockatoos. a Normal and Healthy Macaw lives up to 50 years. a cockatoo named cookie dies at the age of 82 years was one of the oldest recorded parrots.

Where Do Parrots Live Long? In wild or as Pet

Wild parrots live Shorter because of predators and exposure to different captivity, they live longer due to proper vet care and diet.

Average LifeSpan Of Common Pet Parrots

There Are Hundreds of Parrot Species And Their lifespan Depends on Different Factors Like Diet, Health Environment. Below Is A List Of the Average Life span of Some Common Parrot Species.

Amazon Parrot40-70 Years
Cockatoo40 – 60 years
Eclectus30 – 50+ years
Hawk Headed Parrot30 – 50 years
Macaw30 – 50+ years
African Grey Parrot40 – 60 years
Large Parakeets20 – 30 years
Pionus Parrot20 – 25 years
Poicephalus25 – 40 years
Caique25 – 40 years
Conure20 – 30 years
Lorikeet10 – 30 years
Budgerigar (Budgie)5  – 10 years
Cockatiel10 – 25 years
Lovebird10 – 15 years
Parrotlet15 – 20 years

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