What Are Parrots Worth in Adopt Me?

Parrots are one of the most popular pets in Adopt Me, and for good reason! They’re absolutely adorable, and they can be very affectionate. But what are they worth?


Adopt Me is a popular simulation game in Roblox known for its vibrant virtual world and wide variety of adoptable pets. Parrots are some of the most sought-after pets in the game, with their popularity stemming from their impressive range of colors and animations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what parrots are worth in Adopt Me and some tips to help you get your hands on one.

The value of parrots in Adopt Me can vary depending on which species you are looking for and the current market prices. Uncommon parrots like the Blue Cool Parrot, Bling Parrot, Red Tomato Parrot and others can be worth anywhere from 250-500 Bucks or even more if you’re lucky. Rare parrots such as the Umbrella Parrot, Pink Flamingo Parrot or Rainbow Rockstar Parrot are often valued higher due to their unique designs and animations; these can sometimes fetch up to 1000 Bucks (or more) in exchange trades.

If you’re looking for an Ultra-Rare parrot like the Gummy Bear or Pet Rock, then expect to pay over 1200 Bucks when trading with other players. The priciest parrots currently available are either legendary or ultra-rare megapets such as the Crystal Blizzard Eagle and Summer Sun Turtle which have been known to go for upwards of 3000 Bucks each!

Overview of Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a popular children’s game available on the popular video game platform Roblox. In the game, players are able to adopt virtual pets, customize their homes, and even build their own dream homes. The game has become especially popular recently due to its cute characters and fun activities. Players are able to collect a variety of virtual pets, including parrots. Let’s take a closer look at the worth of parrots in Adopt Me.

What is Adopt Me?

Adopt Me is a widely popular game on Roblox, an online gaming platform. It allows players to adopt, raise and exchange cute virtual pets. The goal of Adopt Me is to become the most popular pet owner by collecting popular pets and playing different mini-games that earn coins which can be used to buy different items such as food, toys, furniture, clothing, eggs and other unique items. Along with the virtual currency earned in-game, players can also use “Robux”, which is Roblox’s real currency used for premium services in the game.

While it may look like a simple kids’ game with bright colors and adorable creatures, there is actual strategy involved in collecting certain pets in order to make your virtual home more attractive. One way of doing this is by knowing which pet costs what on Adopt Me’s Market Place – an area where players can buy or sell their rare Pets for coins or Robux respectively. Among all the available pets, Parrots are especially coveted because they are rare and cost a lot compared to other creatures — ranging from 200 coins up to 600 coins depending on their rarity level. Only one Parrot spawns every twelve hours making them even more valuable and eagerly sought after by players around the world!

How does it work?

Adopt Me is a popular multiplayer game available on Roblox. The objective of the game is to build a home, take care of virtual pets and dress up in amazing clothes. Players can become parents in the game by collecting eggs and hatching them to get new pets. They can earn in-game currency by completing tasks such as playing mini-games, answering trivia questions and taking part in special events.

Players can adopt pets from other players or from an egg. Eggs are found around the map, purchased with Robux from the shop or given as prizes in special events. When hatching a pet from an egg, players will receive either a common, uncommon or rare pet depending on their luck and which type of egg they hatch. Common eggs are found around the map for free; uncommon eggs are purchased from the shop; and rare eggs can be obtained from special events or through trading with other players.

Once they have adopted their pet, Adopt Me players must give it love and care by taking it for virtual walks, interacting with it regularly (by playing mini-games together), grooming it, feeding it and more! Players must also make sure to follow their pet’s wishes in order to keep them happy. With different types of pets available such as cats, dogs, parrots and dragons each with its own unique needs, there’s something for everyone! By nurturing their adorable creations they can reach level 10 to unlock exclusive features like extra customization options that will make their pet extra special!

Parrot Prices

Parrots are one of the most sought after virtual pets in the game Adopt Me. Parrots come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles and are quite the prized possession for players. Knowing how much parrots are worth can help you make sure you’re getting a good deal when trading or buying one. Let’s explore how much parrots are worth in Adopt Me.

Common Parrots

Parrots in Adopt Me are one of the most popular pets available. They come in various colors and will help you to fill up your pet inventory, as well as enhance your chances of hatching a Legendary Pet. These feathered companions can be purchased from the in-game store, obtained through trading with other players, or found while fishing. Most Common Pets range from 150-400 bucks depending on their rarity, but the pricing can go higher for rarer parrots. Below is a list of common parrot prices that you can expect to find when exploring the game.

Common Parrots
Canary: 150 – 200 Bucks
Parakeet: 200 – 250 Bucks
Lovebird: 250 – 300 Bucks
Cockatiel: 300 – 400 Bucks
Flamingo: 400 – 500 Bucks

Uncommon Parrots

Uncommon parrots, which are available in the popular online game Adopt Me, range in price from 500 bucks to 4,000 bucks. The price of an uncommon parrot is determined by its rarity and the trend of the market. Generally, you can expect an uncommon parrot to cost around 1,000 bucks; however, if demand is high, prices can go up as high as 4,000 bucks and beyond.

Parrots with unusual colors or accessories may cost more due to higher desirability. For example, a Rare Blue Parrot wearing a pink bow tie can cost up to 7,500 bucks! On rare occasions, ultra rare parrots such as the Ultra Rare Green Parrot have been known to sell for over 10k buckeroonies.

Keep in mind that different servers may have different market values on parrots – so make sure to check multiple servers before you make your purchase!

Rare Parrots

Rare parrots in the virtual world of Adopt Me are some of the most sought-after pets that players can purchase, often at an increased cost. Although some players may be willing to pay more for a rare parrot breed and colour, it is important to understand the value of each type before committing to a purchase. Generally speaking, rare parrots range in price from 500-3000 bucks.

The exact value of a rare parrot will depend on its rarity and beauty. Common breeds such as Scarlet Macaws, African Greys, and Cockatoos will typically cost between 500-1,500 bucks while less common hybrid varieties such as Pink Parakeets or Blue Cockatoos can command prices up to 3K or more! The colouring of a parrot also affects its value with unique colour combinations such as neon pastels commanding higher prices than standard unicolors.

To maximize your cost benefit when shopping for a rare parrot, be sure to research current market prices as well as detailed visuals before making any final decisions. Discovering the true worth of your pet can prevent you from overspending or being cheated out of your hard earned cash!

Ultra-Rare Parrots

In Adopt Me!, ultra-rare parrots are some of the most coveted virtual pets. These feathered friends are the only known parrot type to have a three-digit value and can be sold for a maximum of 1,000 Bucks in the game. There are currently only five known parrots of this species, each with its own unique colors and names.

Players can find Ultra-Rare Parrots roaming on any map in Adopt Me!. They look exactly like an ordinary parrot but their colors will be brighter and more vibrant. Prices for these rare birds range based on the color variation with Neon being the most popular and valuable color, given its rarity. The five colors of Ultra-Rare Parrots include: Brownie, Rainbow, Creamsicle, Skunk and Neon.

To buy an Ultra-Rare Parrot you’ll need to use inside tips from other players or maybe even trolling forums to get a good deal. Since these critters change in price so often it’s important that you stay updated on what’s new before shelling out real money or virtual currency on a purchase.

Be sure to look around online before committing to a sale as prices may vary depending on your location or even season changes within the game world! It’s good practice to hold off purchasing until there is more information available about what the pet’s true market value is first!

Factors That Determine Parrot Prices

The prices of parrots in the game Adopt Me can vary significantly based on a few important factors. The most important factor is rarity; the rarer the color of the parrot, the higher its price. Additionally, the type of parrot can also make a difference – some classifications are worth more than others. Furthermore, the condition of the parrot can also influence the price. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.


Availability is a major factor that influences parrot prices in Adopt Me. Different types of parrots with varying levels of rarity can greatly affect their associated prices. Common parrots, such as Green Parrots, can cost relatively low amounts of money compared to rarer species like Pineapple Parrots which have much higher trading values. Furthermore, the availability and scarcity of certain types of parrots often fluctuate based upon in-game events and seasonality. For example, if many players are actively searching for a certain type of parrot during certain times of the year or during special holiday or event days in the game then they will pay higher prices for them due to their rarity. Thus, availability can be an important factor that should be taken into consideration when trading various kinds of parrots in Adopt Me.


The overall popularity of parrot species plays a major role in dictating price. Species that have a long and/or popular history tend to be much more expensive. For example, macaws and cockatoos are some of the most expensive parrots due to their longevity, larger size, majestic beauty, and wide-reaching appeal. On the other hand, less attractive or less desirable parrots such as conures, finches or doves can be much cheaper since they are considered “wild-type” or “undesirable” by breeders and aviculturists.

It’s also worth noting that the colors or variations within a species can make prices even higher – for instance there is a wide range of colors among eclectus parrots, with blue eclectus being one of the rarest varieties sought after by breeders due to its muted blue hues. Therefore these birds may fetch higher prices than their red counterparts. Additionally certain colors within a species may require extra care when selecting birds for breeding stock which further increases the cost of production making them more pricey on the open market.


Demand is one of the major factors that determines the price of a parrot in Adopt Me. Parrot species that are in high demand, such as toucans or macaws, tend to be more expensive as they may be harder to obtain or raise than other species. On the other hand, some parrots may be very common and not sought after by players, leading to lower prices. Additionally, certain rare variants of a species may fetch a higher price than their ‘normal’ counterparts – for instance, a rainbow macaw might cost more compared to other macaws. Lastly, certain parrot breeds may have higher value due to their aesthetic appeal or trading potential. It’s important to keep in mind that prices can vary widely and often depend on the specific requests of experienced players who seek out certain variations or species.


The supply of parrots available will also play a role in determining their prices. The more plentiful they are, the cheaper they’ll be. For example, if there is an abundance of one type of parrot with low demand, the price may drop significantly. Additionally, the rarity of certain parrot species or colors will increase their value and therefore their price tag. It’s important to familiarize yourself with which species are rarer than others as well as what types of morphs (e.g., iridescent blue feathers) will cost more than others. Generally, rarer birds are more in demand, leading these species to have higher prices associated with them. When considering supply as it relates to price, it’s important for potential buyers to keep in mind that overbuying parrots can lead to a surplus that consequently depresses prices for everyone across the market.


In conclusion, parrots in Adopt Me have a wide range of prices depending on the type of parrot, rarity, and their platform. Prices can range from 200-2,000 Bucks and have been known to reach higher depending on supply and demand. It should also be noted that all presents are not what they appear – some players are attempting to scam and falsely advertise high value items as lower priced ones. As such, it’s wise to always double check before trading your Bucks or pets for any new items you acquire. All in all, if you’re looking for a pet parrot in a specific color or rarity you can expect to pay anywhere between 200-2,000 Bucks – but be sure to pay attention when getting your new pet friend!

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